Rest for weight loss is the best option for many people to finally pull themselves together and lose those extra pounds. Weight loss turnstiles are also very popular because of the entertainment they offer. Often, various activities are included in the price, such as a salt pool, fitness room or water aerobics. Thus, a weight loss vacation can be the perfect way to lose weight and spend your vacation in a relaxed atmosphere and interesting company. In this article, we will introduce you to the most interesting offers of cheap holidays for weight loss.

Weight Loss Tours-Find out the best deals with a 1200 kcal diet

Below we will tell you about the most interesting holidays for weight loss in the coming months.

Diet treatment for weight loss

In Dzvizhina there is an opportunity to take advantage of a therapeutic and revitalizing rest for weight loss under the guidance of experienced doctors. During the tour, participants have the opportunity to learn a lot about topics such as healthy eating, circuit training, and overall health. Guests can relax in the spa area with a swimming pool and enjoy the proximity to the sea. It is also a great opportunity to spend an active outdoor holiday in a climate that affects your well-being.

Weight loss holidays in Dzvirzina are available from 1490 PLN per person, if you choose to stay in a 2-bed room. Prices may differ from standard rooms and departure dates. In 2024, there are still free dates for participating in tournaments.

LaSiesta Hotel for weight loss in Yastsembia Gura - dates for December

You can still sign up for a cleansing and weight loss vacation in a state-of-the-art facility located just 100 m from the beach in Yastsembia Gura. It offers a spa and comfortable rooms. The hotel also offers a fitness room and rental bicycles and Nordic walking poles, so that everyone can enjoy weight loss outdoors in good weather. Classes for adults include, but are not limited to: modeling exercises, jogging, pilates, exercises for a healthy spine, step aerobics.

The tour price starts from PLN 1,699 per person for a 7-day stay.

Winter in Yastrebina Gora

People who haven't been on a weight loss vacation yet can take advantage of the winter weight loss experience at the Zew Sea Resort in Jastsembia Gura by the sea. This is a great opportunity to get rid of extra pounds in a place of increased comfort, equipped with a swimming pool, spa and leisure facilities. During the tour, fitness classes and others are held together for approx. 5 hours a day.

ZEW Seas Resort is located just 100 m from the Svyatovid promenade and 200 m from the beach, so visitors can enjoy the fresh breeze and proximity to the sea. Sports equipment rental is available, which is a good option for those who do not have enough gymnastics during classes. Turnus can be used from PLN 1890 per person in a DeLux room with a balcony. There are still available places to stay February 2024.

The above tournaments refer to weight loss holidays with a 1000-1200 kcal diet. On-site, the qualified staff takes care of the proper nutrition of vacationers, trying to ensure that each participant of the tour can make the most of their stay in the context of fat burning.

Weight loss tours with Dr. Dombrovskaya's diet-vegetable and fruit diet

Rest with the Dombrovskaya diet takes place in the Ulansky paddock in the village of zalom. Accommodation is available in 7-day and 14-day tours.

Rest is carried out in accordance with the recommendations and principles of the diet of Dr. Dombrovskaya. This is a fruit and vegetable diet, the purpose of which is, first of all, detoxification of the body, as well as the ability to lose extra pounds.

The price of the Ulansky Dvor tour includes, among other things:

  • habitation;
  • full board, worthy of Dr. Dombrowska's diet;
  • possibility to consult a doctor;
  • patient care;
  • private lessons with a nutritionist;
  • analysis of body weight composition;
  • access to the spa and sauna.

Guests can also take advantage of hydrocolonotherapy services (at an additional cost), rent equipment and nordic walkin bikes, and request massages. Your stay at the center begins with a consultation with specialists. A short beach exercise session starts every day, followed by group classes in the gym and Nordic walking. At the end of the day, there are lectures on healthy eating, and at the end you can go cycling or use the fitness room.

Prices for tours start from PLN 1990 per person.

Active recreation in Mazury for 5-7 people

Another offer is a weight loss vacation in the center of Zalesie Mazury. This is an option for people who care about relaxation with biological renewal and spa treatments. Tournament participants can count on an individually tailored diet, which is combined with a daily dose of activity.

Rest is based on two dietary programs:

  • the montignac diet;
  • fruit and vegetable diet.

Guests are offered a 7-day stay at the resort with the professional assistance of physiotherapists and sports instructors. Guests can take advantage of various activities, such as Nordic walking, cycling tours, gymnastics, and fitness classes. In addition, the offer includes unlimited access to the wellness complex.

The price of the tour starts from 2240 PLN per stay.

The tour day plan is as follows:

  • morning exercises;
  • anti-aging exercises;
  • exercises with an instructor in the fitness room;
  • nordic walking workshop;
  • cycling classes;
  • lectures on healthy wakefulness and meetings with a nutritionist.

CAO beach holiday on the hill

Active renovation center on a hill is located in Odargovo, Dembek Village, 3 km from the sandy beach in Dubki and 2 km from Lake Zharnovetsky. The tournament includes participation in various activities in the pool and gym. Participants can also take advantage of outdoor activities, as well as walks, bicycles, Nordic walking poles and other equipment.

During classes in the gym, under the guidance of instructors, the goals of forming and toning individual muscle groups are realized. Instructors use activities such as pilates, aerobics, or dance classes during their classes. Classes in the pool and spa are additional entertainment options that you can take advantage of during your vacation.

One of the elements that affect weight loss is an individually structured, balanced, low-calorie diet. Vacationers receive regular meals adapted to their individual state of health.

You can get a vacation starting from 1299 PLN for 7 days of stay.

Rest for Weight Loss-Support your Diet with Effective Weight Loss Pills

During their weight loss vacation, tournament participants receive a diet tailored to their individual needs. The ability to use physical exercises allows you to effectively start the process of losing weight. If you want to support your diet and physical activity with substances that can speed up fat burning, you can use weight loss pills based on natural, proven ingredients.