One of the mistakes that people make when trying to lose extra pounds is buying supplements blindlywithout paying attention to the fact that the combination of the drug with an inadequate diet will not give it the opportunity to show the full spectrum of action.

So with Fast Burn Extreme which, to be honest, sofas will not give much. But why? We invite you to read reviews.

Fast Burn Extreme-composition and action


Composition of the drug Fast Burn Extreme it is selected so that maximize the effects of physical activity. Contained in it caffeine reduces the feeling of fatigue, which allows you to longer and more intense training sessions.

Bitter Orange Extract

In a duet with Fast Burn Extreme caffeine, it also combines bitter orange extract, and it is in it that the popularity among athletes is contained synephrinea stimulant to increase your resting energy intake and boost your metabolism.

Green Tea Extract

The list of ingredients also includes green tea extractpowerful antioxidant to reduce free radicalswhich is also reduces the level of ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

In 2016, the scientific journal Clinical Nutrition published a clinical study confirming positive effect of green tea extract on weight loss.


Forskolin but, enclosed in indian nettle extract, brilliant promotes weight loss and changing body composition, reducing body fat percentageThis was supported by a study conducted by Godard et al. in 2005.

This is a very valuable component, the potential of which is further enhanced by intense exercise.

Fruit Extract Garcinia cambogia

In the composition, the manufacturer also gives fruit extract Garcinia cambogia. Admittedly, a 2020 clinical study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine confirms active participation Garcinia cambogia in weight loss patients, however, previous studies have not been so promising.

Here, you should expect an individual response to the dose included in Fast Burn Extreme, because the response of patients to different doses was not linear.


Addition capsaicin contained in annual pepper fruit extract supports the digestive tract and a little enhances thermogenesis - simply put, energy production and, therefore, , – burning calories.

Vitamin B6

A very interesting element of the composition is vitamin B6.

Most often, this is due to its effect on the nervous system, where promotes neuronal metabolism, participates in the synthesis of neurotransmitters for example, serotonin or dopamine, which results in improves concentration, reduces feelings of lethargy i improves sleep qualitythis is incredibly important in the process of healthy weight loss and increasing physical activity.

However, this is not all – the molecular mechanism of action of vitamin B6 is aimed not only at the nervous system – it also affects the brain. cofactor of pathways regulating glucose and lipid metabolismfor those who want to lose extra pounds, this is especially important.


When analyzing the compositions of drugs that should contribute to weight loss, I always pay attention to whether it is present in the composition chrome. Its loss is amplified by intense physical exertion, and its addition to the drug reduces overall cravings for sweet thingswhich helps to persist in the process of reducing carbohydrates in the diet.

Reviews, review and final rating of Fast Burn Extreme

The composition of Fast Burn Extreme is well thought out and will definitely help physically active people who eat right.

The drug is available on the manufacturer's website it costs 180 PLN. (price per month of use) and, frankly, people who are careless about dieting or not inclined to exercise will not see its full effect, and the results will not be particularly worth the money spent. Reviews of Fast Burn Extreme are not negative, but it is a supplement designed for physically active people.


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