Under the name African Mango, according to what the manufacturer says, it is hidden african mango seed extract in a dose of 600 mg.

Is it too much or too little? Let's find out reviews about the African Mango Diet supplement.

To outline the background, do this one of the varieties of mango found in nature in Cameroon. He's there it has been consumed for centuries due to the high protein, fiber and fat content of its seeds, as well as its healing properties.

It gained popularity in the market some time ago, when at the beginning of the previous decade, there were clinical trial results indicating its potential use in weight control and treatment of obese people.

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This has led to a huge influx of drugs containing this ingredient into the American market.

The effect of African Mango seed Extract – what do the studies say?

The effect of the seed extract of this plant on the weight loss process has been reviewed many times in the scientific literature.

In 2012, a paper devoted to clinical studies on this issue was published. It is clear from the research it follows that the extract of African mango seeds significantly affects body weight, waist circumference and blood cholesterol levels.

The substances contained therein inhibit adipogenesis, or the process of fat cell formation and lowering baseline blood sugar levels, which is significant improves glucose metabolism in the body.

With regular use of the extract, it is noted overall improvement of patients ' metabolic parametersthis is not only useful in the process of losing weight, but also helps to keep the body in good shape.

Fiber content extra reduces appetite by increasing the feeling of fullnesswhich can help fight the urge to snack between meals.

Some sources point to the beneficial effects of African mango seed extract on the cardiovascular system, lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of vascular diseases.

How to use African mango?

The manufacturer recommends 1-2 capsules per daywhat, in general, should provide the body 1200 mg extract. This is a very reasonable dose based on the doses used in the clinical trials cited by Mclendon et al..

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It is large enough to show effect small enough to minimize the risk of side effectsthese include insomnia, headaches, and bloating.

Taking large doses does not make much sense-there will be no greater effect, and you may become infected with unpleasant ailments.

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The price of the drug is reasonable – 160 PLN for 60 capsulesthat when taking the maximum dose enough for a month - and after such a time, you can expect the first visible results.

When connecting to proper diet and strictly supported negative calorie balance African mango has a huge potential. It can significantly facilitate the loss of extra pounds, and itself the extract does not have a jojo-promoting effect.

Where to buy African mango?

It is best to buy the preparation of African mango directly from the manufacturer. On the about app page African Mango you will find basic information about the product, such as recommendations for use, the exact composition, or the price.

African Mango-Reviews, review and verdict

Reviews of African mango are positive. Despite all its advantages, this the drug is not a magic wand. The basis of weight loss has always been, is and will be negative calorie balance.

If it is not saved, no drug will work properly. African mango is no exception. Without a commitment to a constant change in diet, there is no chance to show your full potential.


McLendon, A. N., Spivey, J., & Woodis, C. B. (2013). African mango (Irvingia gabonensis) extract for weight loss: a systematic review. J Nutr Ther, 2(1), 53-8.