Dietary supplements designed to aid weight loss have this uncanny ability to provoke heated discussions.

This is also the case with Keto Actives, whose opinions and reviews can be divided into two types -. absolutely negative i absolutely positive. This phenomenon occurs with basically every preparation of this type, regardless of what would be in it.

Today we're going to talk to each other about the pros and cons of this preparation, based on common sense as much as possible.

Price of KETO Actives

The price of this product, depending on the source, oscillates between 140 and 170 PLN. On the market, it's a shelf approaching the higher end, so what are we actually paying for if there are definitely cheaper items available?

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Things like raw materials and human labor have it that, as a rule, they don't grow on trees. In this case, we are dealing with ingredients whose formula and technology are patented - Keto Actives includes BioPerine, Clarinol i ForsLean - Designed to get the most out of raw materials.

Composition and effects of KETO Actives tablets


Analyzing the composition coldly, we will quickly come to the conclusion that it looks very decent. Piperine (BioPerine), is already on researchers' radar as a substance that could potentially be included in the treatment of obese people due to its multipath effects, Haq et al. reported in their 2020 paper.

Bitter orange extract and caffeine and synephrine

In the preparation, the manufacturer also relied on a combination of bitter orange extract and caffeine per capsule - contained in the extract synephrine As a stimulant, it increases resting calorie consumption and prevents fatigue. Caffeine has a similar effect, and the proportions of these ingredients are thoughtfully chosen. Here a plus for the manufacturer.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)

Another strength is the presence of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), whose effectiveness was addressed in a 2007 meta-analysis by Whigham et al.

Admittedly, in Keto Actives - taking two capsules a day as recommended by the manufacturer - there is far too little of this acid. However, it makes sense - the ketogenic diet, which it is designed to support effectively, contains many sources of CLA. Milk, cheese, beef - they all contain this acid.

Capsaicin and Indian nettle root extract

Capsaicin but, enclosed in annual pepper fruit extract, is in the formulation probably only for company as a gastrointestinal support. It will not have much effect on weight loss itself.

For that Indian nettle root extract - as much as possible. The dose of the contained forskolin has a proven effect in the areas of weight reduction and body composition change, as confirmed by a 2005 study by Godard et al.

Ashwagandha root extract and chromium

The final ingredient in Keto Actives is ashwagandha root extract. Admittedly, it is not indifferent to body weight per se, however After 125mg/capsule it is not worth expecting crushing effects.

Another issue is with the contained in the product chrome - it has great blood glucose normalizing properties, and in the case of the ketogenic diet it is especially important to minimize potential cravings for snacking sweets.

KETO Actives - opinion, review and verdict

In summary, against the compositions of other preparations Keto Actives performs really decently. When combined with a properly managed ketogenic diet, this formula has great potential.

It can also be used with other diets, but there is reason to believe that the results will not be as satisfactory.

Then it will definitely be a better idea to choose such a product that can show its full range of action when following a specific diet.


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