Piperinox, advertised as dietary supplement for weight loss, is a source of fierce discussion in online forums. Users express strong, polarized opinions about it, of which the loudest are negative entries, sometimes even demonizing drugs.

Many of the comments also have a subject line prices - it is about one hundred and seventy zlotys, which can be a deterrent for the average citizen.

But what's really going on? Perhaps, before drawing conclusions, let's provide ourselves with a background for further discussion.

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Piperinox-composition and action

Piperinox w swoim skłądzie zawiera:

  • piperynę,
  • ekstrakt z kory cynamonowca,
  • ekstrakt z gorzkiej pomarańczy,
  • ekstrakt z kłącza imbiru,
  • ekstrakt z owoców papryki rocznej,
  • chrom.


The main component of the drug is piperine. In February 2021, a comprehensive review of the effects of this substance was published in the pages of the scientific monthly journal Phytotherapy Research, in which it was also included effects on obesity by reducing weight, body mass index (BMI), fat storage and improving lipid profiles, and promoting the regulation of appetite-related hormones such as leptin and ghrelin.

Or is it magical remedy for excess weight? No. But, based on animal models, it's quite simple. a good introduction to its use as a dietary supplement people who struggle with it.

Cinnamon Bark Extract

The composition also includes an extract of cinnamon bark, that is, simply put – cinnamon extract. Here, the opinions of scientists were divided, which he summed up with his team Mousavi in 2020.

As a support for glucose metabolism and digestion, it makes sense, but it's not a good idea. the action is quite limited. This is a thermogenicist, that is, abbreviated increases energy productionwhich is desirable if our goal is to reduce body weight. However, there is nothing that requires a hundred milligrams of miracle extract.

Bitter Orange Extract

Piperinox also contains bitter orange extract. Here, the synephrine contained in it acts, which is also used by athletes. A very well-chosen ingredient is a stimulant that increases your resting metabolism, which has real impact on weight loss.

Reports of unpublished clinical trials available online that have used drugs containing bitter orange extract look quite promising.

The manufacturer reports that its extract contains 6% synephrine, which is equivalent to 6 mg of the substance. There are drugs on the market that contain more, but Piperinox also contains guarana extract, which contains caffeinewhich is also a stimulant. Given this, such a the dose of synephrine is as reasonable as possible.

Ginger Rhizome Extract

Another component of Piperinox is ginger rhizome extract. It stimulates the digestive system, reduces the level of lipids and has an antidiabetic effect. Ginger, due to its health - promoting properties, should be a regular diet isn't just for those who are losing weight..

Annual Pepper Fruit Extract

The composition also includes an extract of annual pepper fruits. It contains 2% capsaicin, as reported by the manufacturer. This connection has been documented action to promote weight lossthis is a fact, however, in many times higher doses.

However, this is excellent addition to the diet, reducing the level of so-called " bad " cholesterol.


Piperinox also contains chromium. Here you can enjoy people who are prone to snacking on sweets – chromium normalizes blood sugar levels, which is why the desire to reach for the bar is not so frequent and strong. However, the response to chromium supplementation depends on the individual and their individual level of chromium in the body.

Piperinox-opinion, review and verdict

To summarize, the composition of Piperinox looks decent. Where does this polarization of opinion come from?

This is expected when medications from the weight loss supplement category are taken on the market. In most cases, there is a heated discussion around them.

They are not always used for their intended purpose. addition, an addition to the entire weight loss process, the absolute basis of which is negative calorie balancewhich basically undermines the meaning of their application.

It is important to remember this before choosing a drug for yourself.

Piperinox – jak kupić?

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