Type II diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease characterized by elevated blood sugar levels caused by reduced cellular response to insulin.

Otyłość i brak aktywności fizycznej to główne czynniki ryzyka rozwoju tej choroby. Dlatego właśnie skuteczne odchudzanie może przynieść ulgę osobom z cukrzycą typu 2.

However, one must be careful, as some popular diets may not be safe for people with diabetes and may even lead to worsening of the condition.

Blood glucose levels

The weight loss process with this condition should be approached with special thought. The primary goal is to keep blood glucose levels at a healthy level. Depending on whether or not you are taking medication, you would need to consult your doctor or nutritionist about your plans.

Change in diet

Odchudzanie powinniśmy zacząć od zmiany naszej diety – obniżyć ilość węglowodanów, zwłaszcza tych prostych, zwiększyć ilość spożywanego białka, błonnika oraz zdrowych – podkreślam – zdrowych tłuszczów.

You should also stop the draw to highly processed foods, such as microwave dinners, fast food and the like. These contain alarmingly high amounts of sugar and fat, which is usually not perceptible by the taste buds - cola doesn't taste at all like it contains a wagonload of sugar, yet it does.

You also need to look at your caloric intake - in order to lose weight, it is crucial to maintain a negative caloric balance (we provide fewer calories than we burn), and with type 2 diabetes, it will require more effort due to the need to monitor blood sugar levels.

Making sure you get enough fiber in your diet is especially important, as it can help keep blood glucose levels stable, which is crucial for type II diabetes.

Physical activity

In addition to changing your diet, physical activity is recommended. However, don't get too tired, but slowly introduce moderate exertion - half an hour of moderate-intensity exercise, a long walk or a bike ride will get the job done.

Where does type 2 diabetes come from?

This will not only help with weight loss, but has the potential to relieve the disease. It's also important to understand why type 2 diabetes occurred - nothing comes out of thin air, a The main factors that increase the risk of its occurrence are obesity, unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, as well as things beyond our control: genetics, age or co-morbidities associated with insulin resistance such as PCOS or certain thyroid and pancreatic diseases.

Losing weight is not the only goal

It is also important to remember that losing weight is not the only goal for people with type II diabetes. Controlling blood sugar levels, regular health checks and doctor visits are equally important to prevent complications associated with the disease, such as kidney, heart, nervous system and vision problems.

Therefore, to achieve the best health results, it is important to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle, such as regular medical checkups, physical activity, a healthy diet and avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Is weight loss with type II diabetes easy?

It is also worth remembering that losing weight with type II diabetes is not easy and requires time, patience and determination. Diet and lifestyle changes are necessary, but they don't have to be drastic or difficult to make.

It is worth approaching the process step by step, starting with small changes, such as replacing unhealthy snacks with fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly for short periods, and then gradually increasing the time and intensity.


Finally, it should not be forgotten that With type II diabetes, it is possible to live a full life and lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

It is important to be aware of your condition and engage in regular check-ups with your doctor, as well as follow healthy lifestyle recommendations. In this way, you can avoid complications associated with the disease and enjoy a good quality of life.