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Both couples planning pregnancy and those struggling to get pregnant are looking for effective ways to improve their fertility.

In this context, dietary supplements are an increasingly popular solution.

One of the offerings offered by the market is Nuvialab Female Fertility, a multi-component complex designed to support female fertility.

Reviews from foreign consumers are very encouraging, and the line itself looks exceptionally good.

NuviaLab Female Fertility Action

Nuvialab Female Fertility is based on its components, such as Myo-inositol, which is involved in the pathways of insulin and gonadotropins, which can normalize the level of sex hormones.

The beneficial effect of Myo-inositol on fertility is confirmed by studies(Gambioli et al. 2021).

Thanks to the presence of maca root extract, sex life has a chance to regain its former energy – its action is mentioned in the 2015 work of West and Krichman.

The drug works in many areas-it fights age-related oocyte loss (coenzyme Q10), supports ovulation (choline), supports liver function (also choline) and cellular processes in the reproductive system, supports the production of collagen, has an antioxidant effect, and also provides vitamins and minerals vital for pregnancy and women.

NuviaLab Female Fertility Effects

The effects that can be expected are an improvement in metabolic and hormonal parameters, which definitely contributes to an increase in the chances of getting pregnant, as well as an increase in libido.

Moreover, you can expect to improve immunity, well-being and reduce feelings of fatigue.

You can also expect to regulate the menstrual cycle and have a positive effect on the thyroid gland, as well as improve the condition of your hair and nails.

The first results should appear within a few weeks, but the body's response to the drug is individual-as in any case.

NuviaLab Female Fertility Composition

The composition given by the manufacturer looks like this:

Ingredients: Myo-inositol; capsule shell-hydroxypropylmethylcellulose; L-choline bitartrate; rosehip extract (Rosa canina) [70% vitamin C]; iron(II) diglycinate; cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12); zinc citrate; walrus alveolar grass extract (Fucus vesicolusus) [0.1% iodine]; DL-Alpha tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E); ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10); cholecalciferol (vitamin D)-Vita-algae D®; maca root extract (Lepidium meyenii) [0.5% macamides] - MacaradeTM; pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6); riboflavin; thiamine mononitrate (thiamine); Nicotinic acid amide (niacin); D-calcium pantothenate (pantothenic acid); L-selenomethionine – Selenium SeLECT ® 5000; Acacia fiber; L-calcium methylfolate (folic acid) - Advifolate®; D-biotin (biotin).

NuviaLab Female Fertility Reviews

The manufacturer relied on patented ingredients, vitamins and key trace elements. A huge plus for adding folic acid is that it is extremely important for women planning pregnancy.

Many scientific texts have linked the components of Nuvialab Female Fertility to positive effects on fertility, health, and mental health, but human clinical trials are very limited in some areas.

NuviaLab Female Fertility Price

A monthly supply of the drug costs about 180 PLN. It is also advantageous to take advantage of multipack offers for 3 and 6 months,which in the long run reduces the cost of packaging for us.

Nuvialab Female Fertility - Is it worth it?

So is Nuvialab Female Fertility worth considering? Yes, of course. The formula of the drug has been exceptionally well developed, the potential benefits of using it are huge, and the price in relation to the composition and quality is as rational as possible.


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