Weight loss is the goal of a huge part of the population.

To be precise, 45% of people worldwide are currently trying to lose weight, according to an IPSOS survey published in 20211 (by the way, a very interesting analysis, I recommend reading it).

For our attempt to have any chance of success, the path to the dream figure-like any journey-must be planned.

How to start losing weight step by step?

Weight loss can be divided into 6 main stages (steps):

1. Setting a goal

The first step is to take two deep breaths and figure out exactly what we're going to be aiming for.

Reaching a certain weight? Building the physique of your dreams? It is important that the goals are specific and realistic – for a safe weight loss rate, 0.5 – 1 kg per week is usually taken.

2. Calculate your total calorie requirement

Then it's good to put some math into our plan – we have to set our daily total calorie needs – there are plenty of calculators available online.

In this recalculation, our age, height, weight, gender, and level of physical activity are important.

3. Determining how much we will reduce our daily calorie intake

By knowing our overall need, we can decide how much we will reduce our daily calorie intake.

Do not immediately rush into deep water-gradually limiting calories over time will allow the body to get used to changing the diet.

It is usually recommended to subtract no more than 500 kcal (in special cases, more). It is necessary to understand the calorie content of products and start reading the labels on products.

You may find that seemingly two of the same foods have completely different caloric content.

4. Analyze your current diet

It's time to take a look at our diet. To lose weight and maintain the shape of your dreams, you need to change your eating habits – and not just for the duration of weight loss.

Diet mistakes

If we come up with the idea of applying a strict, restrictive diet found on the web, then it's best to knock this idea out of your head, and for several reasons.

Drastic restriction of calories and nutrients can lead to weight loss as much as possible, but all the lost pounds will return equally quickly after completing the diet, accompanied by terrible health.

Maintaining such diets in the long run is incredibly difficult and actually guarantees a full range of disadvantages. In general, a bad idea.

5. Changing your diet

Phasing out high-calorie foods and replacing them with healthier alternatives is a good start.

Avoiding sugar may be a problem, but it can be replaced with xylitol, stevia, or erythrol, for example.

Focus on a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits, protein, healthy fats, and whole grain grain products.

Remember that from time to time to allow yourself something "forbidden" is not a crime. Everything in moderation.

6. Physical activity and exercise

Another consideration is physical activity. You can lose weight on the very calorie deficit, a fact, but our body will feel much better and look better if we include movement in the entire weight loss plan.

The effort doesn't have to be very intense; it's more important that it's regular.

This will not only help burn calories, but also improve our fitness and positively affect our well-being. Over time, physical activity will become a habit.

Additional support, i.e. Rating 5 effective pills for weight loss

For those who are looking for additional support in the process of losing weight, it is worth paying attention to dietary supplements that can help this process. Of course, it's always a good idea to remember that supplements aren't a substitute for a healthy diet and physical activity, but they can be helpful in achieving your goals. We have prepared for you rating of 5 effective pills for weight loss, which was created based on an analysis of the composition, price, and action potential.

  1. African Mango - in the first place thanks to simplicity with great potential, reasonable price and possible high efficiency.
  2. Piperinox - it is distinguished by a well-thought-out composition and special capsules that are responsible for the slow release of contents in the intestines.
  3. Slimdropico - a drop-shaped supplement that is based on yerba mate extract with herbal supplements.
  4. Fast Burn Extreme - contains 8 active ingredients, including Indian nettle and bitter orange extract.
  5. BurnBooster - a good option to start a weight loss adventure, although it could have a more complex composition.


Weight loss, like everything else, should be approached in moderation. Self-respect doesn't hurt either. There will be "failures".

Remember that the process of losing weight is not only about changing your eating habits and physical activity, but also a long-term process that requires time and patience.

Don't expect immediate results, and don't be discouraged if you have a leg on the road. It is important to keep working on your goals and not lose faith in your abilities.


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