Products containing CBD, the beneficial extract of the hemp plant, are growing in popularity year after year. No wonder, since the health-promoting properties of cannabidiol make it widely used in medicine and cosmetics.

One of the most readily available forms of CBD products is the oil, taken orally, similar to dietary supplements. It is appreciated primarily for its calming and nerve-soothing effects.

How much does CBD oil cost? How to choose the perfect product? Where is the best place to buy it? We suggest and present a ranking of CBD oils.

What's the best CBD oil to choose? 

Due to the number of products available on the market, choosing the perfect CBD oil can give us a headache. Before deciding on a particular product, we should check whether the manufacturer meets quality standards (for example, based on user reviews), as well as whether the hemp oil has all the necessary certifications.

We also need to remember to choose the right concentration of cannabidiol to match the effect to our needs and avoid possible side effects. 

Which CBD oil to buy? 

  • If you are a beginner, or want a mild, low-impact effect, go for products with low concentrations (5 - 7%) of cannabidiol. 
  • After a longer period of use, a significant number of people switch to formulations with higher concentrations of the active ingredient (10 - 15%). Their effect will be much more noticeable. They are used as an adjunctive therapy for ailments of medium intensity, such as chronic pain, inflammation or sleep problems. 
  • CBD preparations above 15% are recommended for advanced individuals, or those who expect a very strong effect. However, we must remember that their use can carry side effects such as nausea, fatigue, anxiety, dry eyes and mouth. The highest concentration of active ingredient in CBD oils available on the market is 30%. Note: Long-term use of a product with this concentration of cannabidiol should be consulted with a doctor. 

How much does CBD oil cost? 

The price of CBD oil depends on factors such as the concentration of the active ingredient, the country of production of the preparation, and the reputation of the manufacturer itself. Most often, the cost of good quality oils ranges from: 

  • PLN 70 - 120 for a 10ml preparation with 5% concentration of CBD, 
  • PLN 100 - 200 for a 10ml formulation with 10% concentration of CBD, 
  • PLN 120 - 300 for a 10 ml preparation with 15% concentration of CBD, 
  • PLN 200 - 500 for a 10ml formulation with 30% concentration of CBD. 

When choosing, we should be wary of products at very low prices (e.g., $20, $30), and before any purchase, we should meticulously check reviews about them, and the credibility of the manufacturer itself. 

Where can we buy CBD oil?

CBD oil will be easiest for us to buy in stationary and online stores that specialize in selling hemp products. A large, diverse selection of preparations can be found on portals such as,,, or our partner.

Some types of CBD oils are available in pharmacies, as well as better drugstores in stationary stores and online. We can also order preparations directly from manufacturers, usually through their websites.

We also get hemp oils at Allegro or OLX (However, before you decide to buy a product through this type of advertising portal, you should carefully check reviews about the seller and the manufacturer of the product). 

CBD oil: ranking 

As we mentioned earlier, the choice of CBD-containing oils is huge, and which one specifically we should opt for depends primarily on personal factors and preferences. However, detailed rankings, created on the basis of ratings given by product users, can help us in our choice.

According to the portal, The TOP 10 CBD oils available on the market are: 

1. Green Line CBD Hemp Oil 10 ml

2. Kanaste CBD Oil 30 ml 

3. HempKing Oil Natural Plus CBD Oil 10ml 

4. Virde CBD oil Cannabigold hemp oil 10ml 

5. KanabiFarm Full Spectrum CBD Natural Oil 10ml 

6. CBD Pro Life Hemp Oil 10ml 

7. AllNutrition Cannabi Oil CBD Oil 10ml 

8. Cannabis Spot CBD Oil 500mg Full Spectrum 10ml 

9. Endoca CBD Hemp Oil 10ml 

10. medihemp CBD Hemp Oil