The popularity of hemp products in Poland is growing. The most popular products containing cannabidiol are CBD oils, whose beneficial properties can be versatile. Research is being conducted on effect of CBD oils on sleep quality, in the fight against stress, for concentration and mood or pain relief.

Consumer awareness of hemp products is also getting higher. And this is causing an increase in supply. More producers are appearing and more places to buy them.

Unfortunately, high demand means that in addition to quality oils, you may end up with black market products that won't meet your needs. So where can you buy CBD oil to be fully satisfied?

CBD oil - where to buy?

You can buy CBD oil in many places, such as:
- herb stores,
- health food stores,
- At online auctions (e.g., via Allegro),
- stationary and online pharmacies,
- Specialized online stores with hemp products.

Best CBD oil

But where should you look to make sure you've sourced a really good oil? You need to start with what a top quality product means. We have also prepared a separate entry how to choose CBD oil, where you will read in detail what to look for when choosing the best hemp oil.

Several factors affect the quality of cannabinoid oil, these include:

CBD oil composition

Check whether the oil contains cannabidiol and in what concentration. Choose a pure product, without synthetic admixtures or other oils. Hemp seeds are used to produce hemp cooking oil, which does not contain CBD and has no oil properties.

CBD manufacturer

Poland is a booming market for CBD production and hemp cultivation. According to a report prepared by Polityka Insight, in 2019, hemp seed cultivation in Poland covered more than 3,000 hectares, with an annual growth of 79%. The value of revenue from CBD processing exceeded in 2019. PLN 210 million.
High demand also attracts dishonest manufacturers to the market. When choosing an oil, check whether the company that produced it is operating legally, whether it is registered, and whether it makes research and certifications available. These may include certificates from Golden Cannabis, the Santa Herba Foundation or others attesting to the quality of the product or the company itself.

O legality of CBD in Poland We have written previously. It is best to choose manufacturers from Poland or the EU. Products including CBD oils from China, for example, are subject to less stringent standards.

Hemp cultivation

It takes the best plants to get the best oil. In growing hemp, the origin and method of cultivation are very important. Hemp seed has the ability to clean the soil of all contaminants, including heavy metals and pesticides. Therefore, it is important that the plants from which the oil is made come from certified organic cultivation.

Cannabidiol extraction method

There are several ways to extract oils. The carbon dioxide extraction method is considered the safest and gives the best, purest product. At the same time, this method is the most expensive, which affects the final price of the product. Other methods used to extract cannabidiol include using alcohol or olive oil.

CBD oil prices

Another indicator that confirms the quality of the oil is the price. A good CBD oil, especially one with a higher concentration, is a considerable expense. A much lower price will usually indicate its inferior quality and the complete lack of effectiveness of the oil.

Can CBD oil be purchased at a pharmacy?

Even when you're buying dietary supplements (which include oil), it's best if you purchase them from a pharmacy or specialty store with CBD products, supplementing your knowledge of the product and its use with a pharmacist. But are CBD oils widely available there?
CBD oil is not a drug, so manufacturers often sell it outside of pharmacies. Stationary at pharmacy outlets you can more and more easily purchase those with concentrations from 5 to 20%. But not everywhere and not always. By contrast, the offerings of major pharmacy chains that sell online, such as:
- DOZ,
- Dr. Max,
- Ziko,
- Gemini
provides a large selection of CBD oils.

Buying CBD oils from online stores

Of course, it is most convenient to shop online and Poles are buying more and more there. The same is true of CBD products. Data from the Ceneo portal shows that in January 2021, sales of CBD oils in online stores increased by more than 80 percent compared to January 2019.

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If you decide to buy the oil online, it is safest to use specialty stores with hemp products, the aforementioned online pharmacies or directly from the manufacturers' websites.

In a separate post we publish CBD oil ranking Available on Ceneo. Those most frequently purchased and with the best ratings.

If you decide to buy on online auctions such as Allegro - pay attention to the credibility of the seller and the price. Of course, good old comments and customer reviews will always work. The more satisfied buyers you have, the more confident you can feel.

Buy consciously

The future of the Polish hemp market looks bright. According to the Poland Cannabis White Paper report, sales of hemp products could reach as much as 2 billion euros by 2028. We can expect to see more and more companies producing and selling CBD oils on the market. Maybe soon the top-quality products will be widely available in every grocery store. But for now, we recommend that when choosing - especially your first CBD oil - you use this mini guide to where to buy it.